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This is a great place to give more details about me, as the Webmaster. I could give personal information about my family, my job, my education, and my hobbies and interests. I could also include a list of any of my favorite things.

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As a young man, hunting was part of my up brining.  I have hunted small game and enjoy the outdoors.  During my time in the USMC, I became interested in firarms and their functiong and care.  After the service, I was involved in Trap Shooting Sports and enjoyed meeting people and shooting with and against them.  My interest grew even more when I joined and participated in IDPA competition shooting.  With the wear and tear that this type of shooting takes on your gun, gunsmithing was the next logical step.  I found and enrolled into the American Gunsmithing Institute's Professional Gunsmithing Course and have completed many of the courses they offer.  I am now studing those areas that are of a more detailed depth then the original courses.


As the owner of Total Network Technologies, I enjoy working for myself and helping others get the most from their equipment.  The experience I have gained with TNT will help me succeed with SOS.


My About page is also a great place to give information about others involved with my site's topic, such as the leaders of my organization, club, or company; an ancestor; my family; and so forth.

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